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Generic connection instructions

posted Jan 24, 2016 00:14:55 by brettpound
Just want to clear up some generic instructions. What I list below are my interpretations, can you confirm?

VIN. You absolutely need to supply 7v to 16v on the VIN pin. Board will not run on 5v from the mainboard power supplies, even with high current capability.

TX and RX. Are at logic level specified by IOREF pin voltage. Default to D10 and D11, when J2 and J3 are closed. Re-route TX/RX to your own pin if needed by opening J2 and J3, and using the right-side pin (when mic is in bottom-left position and J2/J3 are in top-right position)

Comment: in the Users Manual 1.0, P9, it states the following:
connect the right side of MOVI's TX jumper (Jumper 2) and the right side of MOVI's RX jumper (Jumper 3 to two other connectors on the Arduino headers using jumper wires. The right side is the pin that is closer to the power and USB plugs.
First, there's no power and USB plugs on my v1.0 board (I can see the USB-like pads on the underside of the board but there's no header; and there's no power plug). Second, it might be worth re-stating the left and right position, and base it on reading the silkscreen - which means everything should say LEFT not right. Finally, it might be worth trying to make the first sentence clearer, for example: "using jumper wires, connect the right side of MOVI's TX jumper (Jumper 2) to your chosen IO pin for RX on the Arduino header, and the right side of MOVI's RX jumper (Jumper 3) to your chosen TX pin on the header." On my initial read of this I was about to connect J2 and J3 together :)

IOREF. This needs to supply the IO logic level the mainboard expects. If your board supplies IOREF, do not close J1, and you need do nothing else. If your board does not supply IOREF, and your board requires 5v, then you can close J1 which will hard-wire this to the 5v supply. If your board requires 3v3, you can jumper this to the 3v3 pin on the header. If your board requires anything else, jumper this to the IOREF pin from an appropriate source.
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GeraldFriedland said Jan 24, 2016 20:50:03
Your interpretations are correct.

I also agree with you that we should change the wording in our manual. This wording was made when our silkscreen wasn't finished yet. Also, originally, there should have been a photo there... It's how things go. In anyways, thanks for letting us know and I'll put it into the queue for the next update!
brettpound said Jan 25, 2016 21:14:03
Thanks Gerald ! Appreciate that things are "fluid" on such a project :)
Christopher Coté said Apr 26, 2016 17:32:36
Hey guys, got this running, but was seeing some randomness in the serial responses, missing text, odd line breaks. I've got it running very smoothly now, but you have to disable linux from using ttyAMA0 for getty and kernel messages.

You'll want to run

sudo systemctl disable serial-getty@ttyAMA0.service

to disable getty on startup

and edit /boot/cmdline.txt and remove any references to ttyAMA0 or serial0

there's also this script, which I have not tested.
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