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Speaker questions 32ohm?

posted Mar 04, 2016 07:19:06 by ChristopherMohr
I have been looking all over for 32ohm speakers and they are hard to find. Can you clarify why 32ohm and is there some leeway anywhere? I know the FAQ specifically says no 4 or 8ohm speakers so that rules out all my speakers sadly. I have seen anywhere from 1/4 watt 32ohm mini speakers to expensive BIG 32ohm speaker (generic non powered). I see your using powered usb? or bluetooth speakers? I think I remember seeing a link to the actual speakers you were using but maybe either you removed the link or I can't find it.

I don't really want to spend tons of money for a simple speaker. I am not sure whether to get powered speakers or a normal speaker. I also don't mind Movi being stationary for powered speakers but would like to get Movi mobile at some point in the future.

The FAQ states requires an amp for 4 or 8ohm, I am sure I can pick up a cheap class d amp module board but I don't want to damage the board.

Can you give some options for stand alone speaker, powered speaker, and speaker/amp use?
I can use earbuds but that limits my distance tests for recognition as headphone cables are short.

thank you
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GeraldFriedland said Mar 04, 2016 21:24:11
Your question is well heard because we know that we've been a bit unspecific about this. Here is why: The audio output jack of MOVI is directly connected to the A13 chip. And we don't know anything about what happens in there, except for what is described in it's user manual (page 242).

Having said that, the A13 chip was originally designed for tablets (iPad clones). So we are expecting that you can plug any headphones or speakers that you can connect to a tablet. Concretely, any 3-segment jack headphone will work (for example: Just make sure they don't have the 4-segment jack. Same with speakers: Most active/amplified speakers are designed to be connected to a laptop or a tablet and have a 3-segment jack.
Examples are:
- Cheapest I could find ($9):
- Logitech ($13):
- Amazon best seller ($14):
- iHome ($21):

I am not endorsing these products as the best but the list should give you an idea of what to look for. The iHome speakers are the ones you are seeing in the photos of our "Getting Started" page. They are re-chargeable so you can cut down on one cable for a while. A warning though: Personally, I liked that they easily fit into a photo for the manual,
and of course they work, but I am not a big fan of them...

If you don't want an external power supply for your speaker, you could probably connect one of these:
but don't expect a lot of power...

Yet another idea is to take your 8-ohm speaker and build your own amplifier. This one should work:

Hopefully this helps.
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