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What Arduino resources are used by MOVI, other than the two virtual serial pins?

posted Mar 22, 2016 22:55:25 by michaelshiloh

Brand new user here, very excited to be playing with the hardware and to be part of this community. Thank you all!

In general, I'd like to know what Arduino resources are needed by MOVI, for compatibility with other libraries and shields.

In particular:
I'm trying to use the VirtualWire library ( with MOVI, but if I
initialize the library VirtualWire MOVI won't recognize sentences. (it responds to the call sign but always returns zero
from poll(). If I comment out the VirtualWire library setup function MOVI works as expected.

The VirtualWire library uses Arduino Timer1, and this will affect the PWM capabilities of the digital pins 9 and 10. I
don't expect that MOVI cares about PWM, but perhaps I'm wrong. Or it could be something else.

Any ideas?

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GeraldFriedland said Mar 23, 2016 20:31:55

MOVI uses Arduino's VIN and GND header pins for power, the IOREF pin (or if J1 is set the +5V pin) to determine the communication level and pins D10 and D11 for the actual communication. So, yes, if your library somehow configures D10 then there would be a conflict with possibly random consequences.

The good news is that you can change the communication pins MOVI is using. How to do this, depends on the type of Arduino board you are using and is described in the user manual, Appendix A.

For the Arduino Uno, open Jumper 2 and Jumper 3 and connect the right side of MOVI's TX jumper (Jumper 2) and the right side of MOVI's RX jumper (Jumper 3) to two other connectors on the Arduino headers (e.g. D12 and D11) using jumper wires. The right side is the pin that is closer to the power and USB plugs when the shield is mounted.

Then, in your sketch, construct the MOVI object with the new rx and tx pins. For example
MOVI recognizer(true, 11, 12)

Let me know if that helped.
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