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MOVI MicroSD Card - Increase capacity

posted Mar 27, 2016 20:19:29 by Pritcharduino

Is it possible to transfer over the files from the 4GB MicroSD card included with MOVI to a higher capacity SD Card (Let's say 8GB or 16GB). If this is possible, would this increase MOVI's capacity for learning more trained sentences?
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GeraldFriedland said Mar 27, 2016 22:40:14
Regarding your first question: Yes, you can bit-by-bit copy the 4GB card to any other SD Card. In fact, if you bit-by-bit copy the card to a class 10 card, you will get some speed improvements. However, since the partition scheme is fixed on the card your 8GB or 16GB card would appear as a 4GB card to any operating system. Changing the partition scheme would require serious tinkering and ultimately would not help you with question 2.

Regarding question two: You can train a fair amount of sentences onto MOVI. My bet is that you are currently using the standard method of using init(), addSentence(), train(). When you do that, all your sentences are stored as strings in Arduino memory. This is the bottleneck, not MOVI's SD Card. You can squeeze a couple more sentences in by using the F Macro with addSentence(). For example:
recognizer.addSentence(F("This is sentence number ten"))

To train even more sentences, you can use the Low Level Interface. This is described in Appendix C of MOVI's user manual.
Especially, take a look at the "TRAIN" command, which allows you to enter sentences line by line manually (by-passing the Arduino). I tested MOVI with up to 150 sentences. However, we haven't coded any hard limit in. So it might work with even more sentences. Once MOVI is trained you can delete all addSentence() and train() commands from your Arduino sketch.

Btw. no worries: If, for some reason, you actually reach the limit of trainable sentences and MOVI behaves oddly, then you can always reset to factory default by pressing button 1 for a couple seconds.

Hope that helped!
Splitfirz Awesome said Apr 01, 2016 11:00:05
Vouch for the F Macro way of saving string spaces. Works wonders. Managed to save almost 50% of my memory on my Uno doing so.
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