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Audio additions on the Arduino

posted Apr 13, 2016 12:08:13 by GiovanniTesta
Hi there,
I have a few inquiries.
- Type of Arduino pinout. support Arduino R3 pinout?
- Do you plan to allow external Audio shields to be supported by MOVI?
- Does the main processor have the capability to be left in sleep mode?
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GeraldFriedland said Apr 13, 2016 14:54:00
Quick responses to quick questions:
- We prefer the R3 pinout. The old pinout works as well. We provide a jumper for switching between the two pinouts.
- You can put any shield on top of MOVI. In case of pin conflict, MOVI's communication pins can be changed. In terms of synchronizing with MOVI: MOVI generates events for pretty much any action, so you can react to these and send commands to the other shield. There are several people in this forum, who have used external audio shields with MOVI.
- We do not support sleep mode. However, we allow to pause the speech recognition for less power consumption.

Hope that helped.

GiovanniTesta said Apr 14, 2016 11:20:40
Unfortunately I cannot see all posts in the Q&A side of the forum, limited by Weebly, I guess.
It would be great to check out examples of alternative Audio interfaces with external Audio shields.

A bit of a dumb question. How do I search within the forum? :)
GeraldFriedland said Apr 14, 2016 21:05:38

I am sorry you are experiencing problems. I can only say that you should be able to see all posts as there is no access control system. Everything is public. Let me find out if we can do anything about the search feature...

[Last edited Apr 14, 2016 21:05:57]
GeraldFriedland said Apr 17, 2016 14:29:36
I must apologize. I see that old posts aren't visible because the forum wants us to pay. We _did_ pay for the forum, so we are not sure why it's not working. We already complained. So hopefully they'll enable that soon!
GeraldFriedland said Apr 23, 2016 17:07:26
Old posts are visible now. And they've added a search bar. Unfortunately, it will only search through posts that were added since the search bar was added.

Hope that helps a bit.
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