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External Power

posted May 04, 2016 16:48:57 by Christopher Coté
How are people handling running the external power to the MOVI while it's plugged into an Arduino. None of the example videos seem to use an external power source. I was under the impression that neither an Arduino nor a Raspi can power the MOVI reliably.
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GeraldFriedland said May 04, 2016 17:36:45
You are right, neither Arduino nor Raspi can power MOVI reliably.

However, all of the example videos use an external power source... we can't run MOVI without external power either! We use a barrel plug to power the Arduino using an external power source. This way, Arduino feeds the power through the VIN pin of the Arduino headers to MOVI.

When I power MOVI connected to a Huzzah or a Rasberry PI, I directly connect a 12VDC power source to MOVI's header pins: GND is -, VIN is +.

Let me know if that clarified your question.

Christopher Coté said May 04, 2016 18:03:02
it does, but I was hoping to pickup a raspberrypi -> arduino shield adapter, and was hoping to keep it as clean as possible. I guess I can try to find a shield-shield that excepts a 9v power supply.
GeraldFriedland said May 05, 2016 03:21:04
Yea, the problem is that the RasPi is powered by USB, which is not enough voltage for MOVI. So you'll need some external power source as I outlined.
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