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Voice controlled mp3 player

posted Jul 07, 2016 01:28:08 by StevenNelson
Todays Hack involved combing a couple of new boards I have been playing with. One is the DF Mini mp3 player and the other is the Audeme MOVI speech recognition/voice synthesis board. With a bit of software gluing I was able to get the mp3 player to respond to Voice Commands. Example: If I say, " Jukebox", "Ring of Fire" the mp3 player finds that song on it's SD card and Johnny Cash starts singing. For a stand alone project that plugs into an Arduino this is pretty cool!
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GeraldFriedland said Jul 07, 2016 13:53:08
That is pretty cool!

You don't happen to have a quick video of that, do you?

Vic said Sep 18, 2017 23:38:00
I ordered some of the DF devices with an eye to doing the same thing with someones library :-). Thanks for the idea.
GeraldFriedland said Sep 19, 2017 15:52:25
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