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Deactivating the on board MIC

posted Aug 06, 2016 00:22:04 by JuliusSanchez
IS there a way to deactivate the on board mic? When I'm using the push to talk feature and MOVI seems to pickup noise from the on board mic.

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GeraldFriedland said Aug 06, 2016 17:03:11
The easiest way to physically deactivate the on-board MIC is to plug another mic into the external mic port. If that mic has an off switch, there is no physical way to record anything with MOVI. Alternatively, just plug an unconnected (cable end no-where) headphone jack in the external mic plug.

I am surprised to hear though that MOVI picks up noise from the onboard mic during non-talk phases. Do you have more insights into that by any chance? I'd like to take a closer look if it's possible.

JuliusSanchez said Aug 08, 2016 18:29:21
Thanks for the reply. I've done all that you've mentioned above. I've done some test with an external mic connected and the push and play button not depressed. After a few minutes of casual conversation, room noise and white noise, MOVI will say, "Sorry I can't hear you", or another default statements that reflects voice activity even tho there is none. This is why I've concluded that it may be the on board mic picking up some kind of noise.

GeraldFriedland said Aug 10, 2016 04:33:46
Hmmm... Are your sure your button is not triggering? I actually found it quite hard to make sure the button doesn't act as antenna.

Just a thought...
JuliusSanchez said Aug 10, 2016 06:09:29
I'm sure. I'll try to capture it on video. But it happens randomly. I have not figured out when and why it happens.
GeraldFriedland said Aug 13, 2016 18:57:00
That would be great. This is a mystery to me but you are not the only one reporting this...
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