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Change the language of English to Castilian. MOVI 1.05

posted Aug 13, 2016 18:02:39 by José
someone can help me and explain how can change the language to English shield MOVI 1.05 to Castilian? I'm grabbing my first tests
with MOVI. but I nesesito change the Castilian language. Can somebody help me?????
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GeraldFriedland said Aug 15, 2016 00:29:51
This will be possible in MOVI 1.10. This version is currently under beta test.
José said Aug 17, 2016 15:50:36
but there is a possibility to modify some phrases Castilian ???
GeraldFriedland said Aug 20, 2016 22:30:38
Yes. Take a look at the beta library. It has examples.
José said Aug 21, 2016 16:43:37
Hi. good and I was grabbing some tests with MOVI using words in Castilian and recognizes some and not others, but that if the pronunciation has to be a little different. but recognizes some words and had to combine English with Castilian.

but and I had a big problem the day before was working with MOVI and was working very well. when the red LED stop light. and MOVI no longer respond to commands. and from that day and not able to work with MOVI :(

not if I can help to find the problem because time is the worst enemy right now.

please someone can help me ??????
GeraldFriedland said Aug 21, 2016 19:13:43
If you try MOVI 1.05 with Spanish, you will only recognize random words that may sounds similar to English. You need to install the MOVI 1.10 library, the MOVI 1.10 firmware update and the Spanish language pack. Then you can recognize spanish correctly.

Please describe very precisely what happened with your MOVI. What power source did you connect? What's the voltage and the amperage. Have you tried operating it without the USB cable? Is MOVI's LED showing? Do you hear 'MOVI booting'?

You say you 'grabbed' MOVI. Was there the possibility of static discharge?

José said Aug 21, 2016 19:21:15
if of course, well my source I'm using the 12 volt dc, 2.0 amps when the shield up the program, disconnect the USB cable. and there no longer say anything. or the LEDs light up, I can not say whether there was an electrostatic discharge that previous days the shield worked perfectly
GeraldFriedland said Aug 28, 2016 22:50:40
After talking to you offline, as I said, you are probably eligible for a replacement.
Alexander Rincon said Aug 31, 2016 04:27:42
Hi. It is possible to work with Movie in Spanish? Thank you
GeraldFriedland said Sep 01, 2016 03:06:12
Yes. We will release MOVI 1.10 soon, which will allow the installation of models. The two models we tested to work fine are German and Spanish.
hotzambo said Sep 06, 2016 08:17:03
Hi all,
I have this question, what are the supported languages? Thank you
hotzambo said Sep 06, 2016 08:17:34
I am concerned of course Italian.
GeraldFriedland said Sep 09, 2016 05:39:11
As of MOVI 1.10 we will support the installation of models. So we will support any language where there is enough support from the open source community and which uses the latin alphabet.

Unfortunately, so far this is only English, Spanish, and German.

More info on helping Italian going can be found here:

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