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MOVI Arduino Library and Firmware 1.10 public beta released

posted Sep 21, 2016 04:09:45 by GeraldFriedland
We have just made MOVI 1.10 public! We are still calling it beta, so give us feedback but thanks to many beta testers, we feel confident enough to finally release it!

MOVI 1.1 brings exciting new features, including:
- A new speech synthesizer
- Better options to configure the speech synthesizers e.g., whisper voice, faster talking.
- Multi-language support for the synthesizer, including Spanish and German.
- Capability of playing sound files from the SD-card.
- Better controls of the speech prompt, e.g. allow push-to-talk (with external button on the Arduino).
- Compatibility to import models, e.g. MOVI can recognize Spanish and German (and other languages in the future).
- Capability to change the communication bitrate between MOVI and the mainboard (e.g. for Rasberry PI or Huzzah)

Download the version here...
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Dylan said Sep 21, 2016 23:17:02
The link to the beta page gives a 404 Page Not Found error.

While I'm here, could I ask, are there any differences between the public beta and the beta that was sent to the selected first beta group?

GeraldFriedland said Sep 24, 2016 19:23:13

The link works for me...

Difference between public beta and beta-test beta:
The firmware patch is the same. The manual has been updated and the library has been updated too. Having said that, the newest library is always on github.

Dylan said Sep 24, 2016 22:56:11
Perhaps you need to try the link from a browser where you are not logged in as the site administrator? It gives a 404 Page not found in both Internet Explorer and Chrome on Windows, logged in to the forum or not.

GeraldFriedland said Sep 25, 2016 02:25:44
Just did that and it still worked. The link is: We changed it. So maybe your browser shows the old page?
Dylan said Sep 25, 2016 18:48:56
The link works now for me. Not sure whose browser had something cached, but in any case, the direct link seems a better bet over the forwarded one.

GeraldFriedland said Nov 28, 2016 04:55:38
The library is now out of beta status.
IanPatterson said Dec 31, 2016 10:28:05

I'm particularly interested in the "Better options to configure the speech synthesizers e.g., whisper voice, faster talking. " functionality as stated above, and on the firmware update web page, but can find no references to this in the library or the updated user manual.

Could you please point me to information on these functions, or give info. in this forum?


GeraldFriedland said Jan 22, 2017 00:32:42

I'll be frank here: We haven't documented these features very well.

The best way to take a look at how to work with the new synthesizers is to check out the example "SynthesizerControl" under MOVI/beginner that should appear in the examples menu of your Arduino IDE once you installed the 1.10 MOVI library.

You can also take a look at it on GitHub:

In short: As of MOVI firmware 1.1, two synthesizers are available: espeak and SVOX PICO. Both synthesizers can be configured via their command line parameters.
They are documented here:
and here:

Hope that helps and best,
Gerald Friedland
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