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Beginner Sketch not working-Help Please

posted Dec 29, 2016 21:37:13 by JP JO
I received for Christmas and have connected to a new Leonardo R3, with the IO REF PINS.
I loaded code to test blink on PIN 13, so I am certain the LED is correct on header.
I am not new to Arduino and this is quite frustrating.
When I loaded the Beginner/LightSwitch sketch for the MOVI, it responds with MOVI booting, MOVI ready, The call sign is Arduino.(So Far So Good)
I say Arduino- I get two high beeps, then I say "Let there be light"
two beeps but NOT high pitched (the manual says it should beep...I assume once).
The LED (on board and external) does nothing. I verified the external LED is correctly installed

Thank you very much for any tips or step that I may be missing

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GeraldFriedland said Dec 29, 2016 21:42:00
JP Jo,

To meet it seems MOVI is working so it should switch the LED. Btw.: Does it switch the LED that is on the Arduino Leonardo?

Apart from checking that the LED is connected the right way and also firmly in the socket, another standard thing to check is: Are you using an external power supply and does it have enough power (1A)?

Maybe you can send a video of the failing setup?

JP JO said Dec 29, 2016 22:27:50
OK. So I was troubleshooting and happened to open the Serial Monitor on the Arduino IDE.
That started MOVI to "say" Learning new sentences of something.
Then it started working.
WEIRD or what?!
GeraldFriedland said Dec 30, 2016 01:51:28
Actually, I just re-read your post: You are using a Leonardo. So the Leonardo is special in that it can act as a USB keyboard. This means that the serial port needs to be activated as a serial port first. The best way to do that is to open the console. So, yes on a Leonardo you might have to open the console first.

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JP JO said Dec 30, 2016 21:10:31
Gerald, Thanks for the info. I have more details of my fun.
I load the arduino, then I apply power thru an 8 AA battery pack to power the arduino with MOVI.
I then need to go back into arduino IDE because the COM Port switched to COM 4 from 3 for some reason.
I then open serial monitor, it says learning new sentences. Then it is ready.
LED turns on and off as it should, but ONLY after the serial monitor is opened.

However, if I power down and power back up, it responds to voice with the beeps, but LED never changes status. Kind of like if I move it and power up just with the 8AA power Pack, no joy, just the beeps.

I uploaded the Version sketch and I have the following-
MOHVEE's firmware is version 1.0
MOHVEE's Arduino library is version 1.10
MOHVEE's hardware is version 1.0

I don't know how to attach pictures.
Would it be better to use an UNO R3? Should I update the firmware?
Thanks for your help.
GeraldFriedland said Jan 01, 2017 02:33:27

The problem with the Leonardo is that it tries to be a USB device sometimes and it seems you have exactly these kind of problems. If you don't want that keyboard/USB device functionality, you'll definitely have less trouble with an Uno. If you can, go with an Arduino Uno, at least so that we can debug further. But my guess is that this problem will then be gone.

Updating the firmware will not help with this as it only adds features.

Happy new year!
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