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Training feature

posted Mar 21, 2017 02:00:16 by Kal
Is there a video of the training feature. like the sketch LightSwitch3? (not Lightswitch1)

Is somewhere a description of the commands?
recognize.callSign("Arduino"); what if the callSign spoken is not Arduino ?

Is the word in parenthesis the one to be learned?
Is it learned from typing it on the sketch of from MOVI hearing it from the microphone?
Do they have to match? What if they do not?

I haven't been able to see the training feature in schetch3. so far only schetch1 worked.


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GeraldFriedland said Mar 22, 2017 03:54:19
We don't have a video of LightSwitch3.

We have a comprehensive user manual:
and the commands are all described in the Appendix.

If the call sign spoken is not the call sign trained, MOVI will not react to it.

The words added with addSentence() are the words that are learned and returned as one event. It is indeed learned by typing it into the sketch, not by hearing it from the microphone. They have to match. If they don't they'll either match another sentence or the event for an unrecognized sentence will be returned.

I wonder if this video would help you understand the programming better:

Also, did you try the other sketches for which we have videos ( For example, the keyword spotter?

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