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German Language Pack

posted May 09, 2017 10:33:18 by GuidoL
Is the german Language Pack described on
only for the PICO Voice Synthesizer or there are also the german voices files for espeak included?

I like the german voice, which is normally included in espeak when installed on a PC with debian.
But when you install espeak on PC/Linux all languages are installed.
Are they useable for espeak on the MOVI?
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GuidoL said May 09, 2017 10:52:28
at your github page

I did found the command

Is there a chance to select these settings from the debug Source-code of SerialMonitor?
There is only a SAY command, but it would be cool - in my opinion - if I could change there also voice/language/speed etc.
Status:Playing with MOVI :) The Call Sign is "Joshua" :)
GuidoL said May 09, 2017 19:23:07
I changed the Sketch SerialMonitor in the void-setup phase to use - the now installed - german espeak-Voice (and make it a bit slower for better understanding):

void setup()
recognizer.init(); // Initialize MOVI (waits for it to boot)
recognizer.callSign("Joshua"); // Train callsign Joshua (may take 20 seconds)
recognizer.setSynthesizer(SYNTH_ESPEAK,"-vde -s145");
recognizer.sendCommand("ABOUT"); // Send the ABOUT as a first command.
Serial.println("Type 'HELP' for a list of commands.");

I works in german directly after uploading the Sketch, BUT if I reset the MOVI via a short push on MOVIs reset button it do a fallback to US/English :-(

Is that a bug or should I include
recognizer.setSynthesizer(SYNTH_ESPEAK,"-vde -s145");
in the void-loop?

I think that wouldnt make any sense, because after a short reset MOVI should restart the whole Sketch.

I dont pressed the reset button to long - because MOVI is loading and using (ready) alternative modules (German).

How can I force him to use german?
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GuidoL said May 10, 2017 11:19:44
After a night of could be a idea to use the void-loop, because I didnt think about that the Sketch is only inside the Arduino (MEGA 2560).
So, when I reset the MOVI the Arduino wouldnt be reseted....there is only the void-loop running and didnt configure new the MOVI to use german (like in the void-setup).

One thing could be to reset the Arduino - and not the MOVI
using the recognizer.setSynthesizer(SYNTH_ESPEAK,"-vde -s145");
inside the void-loop to reconfigure the MOVI in every running loop

Status:Playing with MOVI :) The Call Sign is "Joshua" :)
GeraldFriedland said May 14, 2017 01:01:11
The language pack only contains models for recognition. The MOVI 1.1 update already contains all synthesizer files. And, yes, espeak can do German. See:
which documents the espeak version that is installed on MOVI.

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