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Monitor input signal

posted May 20, 2017 00:34:11 by Craig Morgan
I was searching throughout the forum and had no luck finding an answer to my question.
Is there a pin attached to the MOVI shield which would allow me to monitor the incoming audio signal over the ext_mic or built in mic. I am working on a voice recognition project, and I need to analyze, store, and compare input signal.
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GeraldFriedland said May 20, 2017 04:08:05
The short, quick and definite answer is: No.

The input signal from ext_mic is digitized inside the A13 chip. There is one remote possible way of doing this: Using the low lever interface "MICDEBUG" could be set to on. This causes MOVI to echo the recorded input to the headphones port before performing recognition.

Craig Morgan said May 20, 2017 05:41:00
Ok, please correct me if I'm wrong, the low level interface can only be monitored through the usb connection serially?
GeraldFriedland said May 23, 2017 01:41:59
Yes. But you wouldn't see the signal in the monitor. The signal would would come out over the speakers.
You can also send low-level commands using the sendCommand() method. This and MICDEBUG is explained in example MOVI/Examples/Debug/SimpleDebug. It says:

  // Uncomment the following two commands for even more debugging! 
  // WARNING: MICDEBUG stays on until it's turned off and the recognizer is 
  // restarted or another program is loaded and the MOVI board is restarted.
//recognizer.sendCommand("MICDEBUG","ON"); // To undo: uncomment both lines 
  // again and change this one to recognizer.sendCommand("MICDEBUG","OFF"); 
  // (or load another sketch and reset MOVI)

Hope that helps,
[Last edited May 23, 2017 01:44:00]
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