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Connecting Movi + Ethernet shield on Ardunio Uno R3

posted Jul 19, 2017 12:12:16 by
I am building a system that will do the voice recognition with Movi and then send keywords for recognized sentence to a web service. The answer from the web service will then be spoken by Movi. The issue I have is the Movi and the Ethernet shield are using the same pins (D10 and D11) and have difficulty finding information on the specific to relocate the Movi RX, TX Pins to prevent this conflict.

From my reading my understanding is the Movi jumper J2 & J3 would need to be removed and then connect wires from the jumper 2/3 to a new pin like D6/D7. What side of the jumper would I run the wire from on jumper 2 & 3?

Also, its my understanding that for the code to recognize the new ports I jumped I would need to add RX & TX values to the MOVI recognizer(true); statement in my code. What does this syntax look like for the example of using D6 & D7 for the new tx/rx PINS?

Thanks for the assistance.
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GeraldFriedland said Aug 06, 2017 02:52:08
This is correct.

As explained on page 10 of our user manual: To rewire MOVI’s communication to different pins, open Jumper 2 and Jumper 3 and connect the left side of MOVI's TX jumper (Jumper 2) and the left side of MOVI's RX jumper (Jumper 3) to two other RX and TX connectors on the Arduino headers using jumper wires (RX->TX, TX->RX). The left side is the pin that is further away from the Arduino headers and the microphone (MIC1) and closer to the button.

Then, as explained on page 44 of the manual, the new constructor is:

MOVI(bool debugonoff, int rx, int tx)

where rx is the Arduino's RX and tx is Arduino's TX.

It's also discussed in this thread:

Hope that helped!
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