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Help with college project.

posted Sep 15, 2017 23:32:49 by Michael Blanchard
I've recently decided to make my Computer Programming Final Project on a voice activated virtual assistant. Everything has been coming along nicely so far but iv'e been stuck at an impasse. The assistant will utilize a Bluetooth headset like this one linked below.

The problem with this is the fact that i cant seem to find a full-duplex Bluetooth adapter which will plug into the MOVI shield. I could just use a standard receiver/transmitter that isn't full-duplex and toggle it on transmit, and that would allow me talk to the shield example linked bellow.

The shield would not be capable to communicate back to the headset. I also can't purchase two of these and set the first to transmit and set the other to receive because the Bluetooth protocol is one to one.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I would use a Bluetooth headset to communicate with the MOVI shield?
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Vic said Sep 16, 2017 02:13:11
Hope this thread brings some enlightenment as I have been struggling with the same issue.

I have developed an "assistant" using the MOVI for a quadriplegic so she can control her electronics (IR only for now).

Using a wired mic is a problem in that re-positioning is fun :-) and it is another wire to deal with. Headset is just not convenient for her and I have not found a shotgun type of mic that isn't another maze of wires and a pile of cash as well. No problems spending on an actual solution, but even willing to throw money at a solution has evaded me.

Seems that transmitters are common enough, but receivers are quite another story. Spent quite some time rooting around on Amazon for something. Looking elsewhere the are BT serial adapters that are completely useless for what I need.

Hope we both find something :-).

( I unchecked the subscribe checkbox and wasn't able to reset it in the edit, thus the delete and re-enter...)
GeraldFriedland said Sep 16, 2017 23:44:50
Hmmm... I am frankly not sure if I understand the question completely.

Would this one help:

It supports two devices. Maybe you can use one headset and pretend it's two devices (or combine two headsets). Put one of the adapter-recognized devices to permanently send and another one to permanently listen.

Just a thought...
Michael Blanchard said Sep 18, 2017 06:39:27
I think I have found a solution to my problem. This intercom system I found is full-duplex and is designed to communicate with another full-duplex Bluetooth device like my ear piece. I have linked the product below.

The only downside I can see so far is the price of the device and the fact that there is only one 3.5mm jack used for both audio and microphone. The MOVI device as you know has two ports one used for audio and other for microphone. I'll try to circumvent this by purchasing a 3.5mm cable splitter like this one linked below.

Thanks everybody for your input i'll try to remember to keep you updated on my project.

Michael B.
Vic said Sep 18, 2017 21:51:49
> Would this one help:

I'm still confused, this one (Esuper) looks like it might work, but I get the impression that all these things are meant to drive BT speakers.

What I need to do is use the same BT headset I use with my phone. Wires are a problem and she gets headaches from any of the over the head headsets we have tried for her. Will this interface with a BT headset of the same ilk I use with my android phone?

I don't really care about the ?receive?, the audio out from the MOVI goes to a set of desktop speakers, which works fine. Although that might be nice, but not my primary need, seems it would take just a mono audio cable between the MOVI and the Esuper.

I really hate being confused, but I guess I'll order one and give it a go.

GeraldFriedland said Sep 19, 2017 15:59:54
I wish I could help more. Let us know how it goes.

avatar said Sep 30, 2017 23:48:02
Hi folks,

Remembered I actually got a working login on this box but forgot it and fortunately didn't sign out, I'd be afraid that it wouldn't work a second time :-). Zero luck with any social login.

Anyway, I got the Esuper and had zero luck getting either of two BT headsets to pair with it, both worked fine on my cell phones.

The vendor is sending me another to try, we'll see how that goes and I'll report on how the second one goes.

GeraldFriedland said Feb 09, 2018 04:14:06
Any updates on this?
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