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Voice control via IR for a quadraplegic!

posted Oct 01, 2017 00:13:48 by
Pretty much done at this point and working VERY well for her.

She can control a Vizio TV, OTA set top box and air conditioner so far :-). 40 commands / sentences involved at this point. Using the Arduino-IRremote-master library for decoding the remotes and sending out commands via an IR LED off the Mega.

Using a Mega 2560 clone (elegoo), the MOVI and a protoboard stacked on top which controls a "caregiver call" device. One of these:

Pulling 3.3V off the Mega (replacing the 3V button battery in the transmitter) and using a port pin to pull the call button to activate.

Plenty of noise in the room (AC and TV, perhaps Alexa playing music), but with threshold set to 20, no real problems.

After the nighmare with the speakup, we are both quite happy with the success so far. We have plenty of resources for anything we want / need to add.

One oddball note, I had a PILE :-) of debugging text in the sketch, tried to set them up to be dependent on "#define DEBUG"/"#ifdef DEBUG". Would not work, why I don't know, but I changed DEBUG to VDEBUG and it works fine now.

Future plans for adding things needing RF sources of control, but at this point it seems it would be pretty easy :-) :-).

Makes me happy seeing her happy to have some control over her environment :-) :-) :-).

THANKS AGAIN MOVI TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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GeraldFriedland said Oct 02, 2017 00:20:08
Wow. That reads like an amazing project!!! Congratulations.

Is there any chance you can send us a video?

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