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Callsign seems very difficult to recognize, sentences FAR less, what to do!

posted Oct 15, 2017 23:10:17 by
Not sure what to do about this problem or what can be done, HELP :-)!

When speaking the callsign it can take any number of attempts. Varying voice and volume and distance to microphone. The trained in sentences generally work first time (once MOVI gets woken up). No common point when the callisign is, finally, recognized.

What would affect this? The only thing I can think of is that I have the threshold set to 20, but if that was the issue, I'd expect it to affect the trained sentences too.

Any ideas MUCH appreciated! Thanks!!!
(Something about this forum not working with firefox, but fortunately this remote system seems to work with chrome).
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GeraldFriedland said Oct 22, 2017 00:23:49
The first question is: What is the callsign? Some work better than others. See also troubleshooting section in our manual.

avatar said Oct 22, 2017 23:11:49
Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the reply!

Callsign we are using is "computer". She likes that one :-).

Trying to give enough info:

I've taken the entire unit and removed the external mic and out it on the head of her bed and it seems to work somewhat better. MOVI mic about a foot off to the side of her face where the external was right in front and a couple inches below her mouth.

I *may* need another mic, but so far out of the three I got (all work fine on the PCs) only one seems to work with the MOVI. Hate to keep purchasing mics in the hope one will work better.

If I can resolve this issue, this project will be about perfect for her. After a half dozen tries (or one, or three) she gets a little discouraged in that speaking is not real easy for her.

Maybe I should decrease the threshold setting down from 20 (so far almost zero false response from TV, talking or noise in the room)?

Going to try to put together some kind of video, she doesn't want to participate in that, so as soon as I can, will do and upload.

Funny: in the event it gets triggered and she changes her mind, I have a sentence "never mind" which response with "OK, never minding now" which amuses her. 32 sentences and that one probably gets the most use :-) LOL.

Still fine tuning and deciding what other function would be helpful, be a while before this is done :-), but VERY happy that the MOVI makes so much possible!!!!!!!!

Thoughts appreciated.

Sorry for slow response here, but this is the only machine I can log into the forum with. Same setup on another box doesn't work for social (nor does this one) and trying to log in webly takes me to what looks like setting up my own something with them. Very strange. This chrome seems to be the only thing that works reliably!?!?!? I can read on FF or the other chrome, just not log in.

Thanks, V
GeraldFriedland said Nov 01, 2017 15:59:46
This sounds like a front end problem. With longer sentences, MOVI has more chance to correct errors.

So, yes, thinking about a closer microphone is the right strategy.

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