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Wireless Microphone?

posted Dec 25, 2017 07:38:58 by Tom
for my next Project I would like to use a Wireless Microphone.
At first I tough I could just use one of this receivers

( )

and a Bluetooth Headset

( )
on the external microphone input but after reading the Instruction I don´t think that this would work (Please correct me if I`m wrong !) .
At page 8 of the MOV User's Manual Revision 1.11 stands : “Do not connect a Line-In signal or any other signal that is pre-amplified to the microphone jack.”

Is there any way to use a Wireless Microphone? and if Yes did anybody has some suggestions?
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GeraldFriedland said Dec 25, 2017 23:36:59
You can connect a pre-amplified signal into the microphone port but then you would have to use an attenuator.


Let me know if this helped,
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