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movi connected to uno not powering up

posted Jan 02, 2018 18:14:24 by leepalmer589
from amazon q&a per your request. thank you ...
"got one for xmas. became "erratic" when i deprived it 9V, while 5.5V uno attached. any way to reset back to factory? it's dead. no pwr light at all."
after first setup it worked fine. i had headphones connected that came with a tv/cd player/don't remember? loaded LightSwitch sketch. then, even though i knew better having read the user's manual, i forgot and unplugged the 9v battery pack before the uno usb connection. that made it act flaky. e.g. had to load sketch multiple times to get it to work, or quick hit on the movi or uno reset button, both. unpredictable response from movi.
what i did next is what may have killed it. knowing that error messages are sent to speaker out, i replaced the headphones with a pair of powered speakers from an hp desktop to get louder output. albeit louder all i heard was a couple of garbled words, followed by dead, as in no more power light - never. all i get is a couple of flickers on the pin 13 led, then nothing.
what i tried: (i started the debug with the speakers, then i reconnecting the headphones and did this again)
1. the long reset button.
2. added trace messages to the sketch and found init() was not returning.
3. changed init() to init(false). init, in fact, returned but still no power light.
4. added isReady() at the return. looped forever.
5. added factoryDefault() before (and subsequently after) init()
btw, uno has ioref. jumpers from factory were in the correct positions. sd card securely seated.
also, unfortunately i'm not on linux, mac os x, or windows "1703" (or even windows 10).
willing to try whatever you suggest.
thanks in advance,
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GeraldFriedland said Jan 03, 2018 04:38:05
The flicker of light on port 13 is part of the standard LED on/off sketch and has nothing to do with MOVI.

The first thing to try is if you can get MOVI to run without the Arduino. For example, unplug MOVI from the Arduino and everything else. One thing to definitely double check first: With everything disconnected, take the SD card out and plug it back in, making sure its firm an connected. Then connect a FRESH 9V battery to GND (-) and VIN (+). Since nothing is connected, all I'd expect is that the LED goes on after a couple seconds with the booting flicker and then stabilizes. If you see that, we can go on.

Other than that, you might have a dead MOVI. I am optimistic though because what you describe does usually not kill MOVI.

leepalmer589 said Jan 04, 2018 19:12:30
first and foremost, that you for your support!

seeing as how we're buried in snow here in the northeast, and the repair parts for my washing machine aren't coming today, i had a chance to play with this.
good news - movi is alive!
your request to use a "FRESH" battery was the catalyst that led me to a discovery.
when i first hooked it up i thought i had a fairly fresh battery. this time, before i connected it i put the multimeter on the same battery. sure enough, only read 6.73V. found another battery that read 8.79V. connected it and eureka. red light flashed, stayed solid, and movi spoke. here's the discovery. after a little while (sorry to be vague) i checked it again - 8.32V. i left it attached for about an hour (55 mins to be exact). put the meter on again and it read 7.34V. seems like a big drain for that amount of time, but it does explain why it worked out of the box and then all of a sudden didn't. i played with it for many hours out of the box.
i then connect to a 120V-9V adapter (worked). i then connected to a 120V-12V adapter (worked) knowing that i will eventually drive this with a 12V DROK amp with 2 3" speakers (didn't test yet - coming with the washer parts).
here they are, let me know if you think there will be a problem.
DROK Micro TDA7377 DC12V Digital Audio Power Amplifier 35W+35W 2.0 Dual-channel Stereo Amp Board Amplify Module for 20-120W 3"-10" Bookshelf Speakers Floor Speakers
BOSS Audio BRS35 50 Watt, 3.5 Inch, Full Range, Replacement Car Speaker (Sold individually)

one anomaly. it will, every so often, complain about room noise. also, using the same originally authored, LightSwitch sketch, movi will say "and there was light" and light the led without provocation whether or not it's already lit. i guess i'd feel more comfortable if i knew what "erratic" really meant. i'd then be more prepared to look for symptoms. but so far everything looks relatively good.

once again, thank you for the support.
you don't know how happy i am to not have to return this even for an exchange.
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