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Short story teller

posted Feb 12, 2018 15:51:37 by pothookit
I would like the MOVI to respond to trained questions and tell a short story in response to questions. I am a newbie to voice response, but many years in coding in many languages, some hated and very old. I have ran the examples, some works ok, some not. I don't want to use a callsign. I would like the stories to be stored on a sd card that the arduino accesses. Thank you in advance for you time and help.

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GeraldFriedland said Feb 19, 2018 17:32:49
Making Arduino access an SD card is not trivial. There are tutorials here:

The biggest problem you have is memory. I suggest using a board with extended memory, for example the Arduino Mega. The Arduino Uno has 16k or so of memory and these are gone pretty quickly when you want to store text.

Hope that helps,
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