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Pause between playing files

posted Feb 25, 2018 21:16:43 by levenvorf
Good day,
1. I noticed that when playing multiple files in a row, there is a delay of about 1 second when switching files. Is there any way to remove this delay?
Example code (Arduino IDE): F("WAV/100.wav") ); F("WAV/40.wav") ); F("WAV/3.wav") );

2. Calling the PLAY method repeatedly (see above) creates a "playlist". Calling the ABORT method, interrupts the playback of only the current file, and the next file from the playlist starts playing. How can I clear the entire playlist?

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GeraldFriedland said Mar 02, 2018 23:44:30
1) Unfortunately, there isn't a way to reduce this delay. The reason for this delay is that we need to synchronize the playing of files with the speech recognizer. Obviously, we don't want to recognize the files we play back. This has been reported as an issue:
and we will take another look for the next update of MOVI.

2) Calling the play command repeatedly doesn't actually create a playlist. You send a PLAY command, MOVI plays the file. Then the file stops playing either because it's done or because you sent ABORT. MOVI then executes the next command, which happens to be PLAY. So the way to kill all plays is to send ABORT as many times as you sent PLAY.

Hope that helps,
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