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University Project - MOVI and WiFi

posted Apr 19, 2018 15:54:39 by ThomasMarchant
Hi All,
I'm working on my Thesis and looking at using an Arduino with MOVI.
I have a few questions and just wanted to ask someone with a bit more experience.

I'm after combining MOVI with Wi-Fi to send a signal to an actuator within a house.

I'm not sure what combination of Arduino/Wi-Fi shield to use with MOVI. I don't want to buy one until I've made sure I can get all 3 boards working together.
Any suggestions?

Also, any suggestions on how to power the Arduino/MOVI/Wi-Fi remotely? (It will be fitted to a wheelchair). Any idea how much power it will use? I'm aiming to have it last a full day between charges.

Kind Regards,
Thomas M
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GeraldFriedland said Apr 19, 2018 23:48:10

MOVI works with most Arduinos. The issue is the WiFi shields pretty much sucked when I tried them. I am sorry to be so straightforward but that's what I experienced.
What kind of commands do you want to send?

ThomasMarchant said May 01, 2018 07:49:55
Dear Gerald,

Thanks so much for your advice. Straightforward is great.
I've been looking at LoRa now, but wondering how to covert it to join the existing WiFi network.

Commands to be sent include things like;
Open/Close Blinds
Open Blinds 50% (0-100%)
Turn bedroom light on/off
Open/Close Front Door
TV On/Off

Any recommendations?

Kind Regards,
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