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Creating output from project on a memory stick.

posted Jun 11, 2018 13:44:30 by morries1701

I have a movie project that I have just created two output DVDs from and now wish to produce an output on a memory stick so that a friend can play it on her computer> have signally failed to do this and have been in touch with Corel, who can't seem to find the problem. Here is what I have done:
1.I have created a file on my C drive that plays perfectly well on my computer. The only problem is that it will not copy to a memory stick. Why?
2.Secondly Corel advised that I should render it directly to the memory stick – this is what I did:
a.I first tried to render the project to an 8 GB memory stick, but it told me that this was not large enough, even though the project size is only 3.84 GB.
b.I then successfully rendered it to a 32GB memory stick, even though the project is so small. This worked, although it took about 3 hours to render.
c.In addition, there are a whole lot of miscellaneous photographs and movie clips also on the stick that have nothing to do with this project and I cannot imagine how or from where they have been picked up. They certainly were not there before doing this rendering.
d.When I played this project from the memory stick the quality was appalling, so this whole episode was a complete waste of time.
The question still remains – since I had already rendered it to my C drive, why can’t I just copy this rendered file to the memory stick. The saved file is labelled as an M2T file, not MPEG – why? As noted above, it plays perfectly on my computer.

Please help.

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